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Many advice businesses only find the most effective strategies for improving the profitability of their practice by trial and error. Increasingly, profitable practices use managed accounts, but which approaches pay the biggest dividends?

How does your approach compare to the advice profession’s most profitable and efficient practices?

Working with Business Health and Colonial First State, IMAP has developed an online questionnaire which will help you gain an accurate and objective baseline assessment of your practice, including its use of managed accounts.

Business Health is a long established consultancy which has provided over 2,000 advice practices with teh metrics that measure practice efficiency and profitability. 

Using your own, actual data, Business HealthCheck will evaluate your performance in comparison with your industry peers to give you a vital benchmark against which you can assess the progress of your business, now and into the future.

Specially developed to include questions about managed account services, the Business HealthCheck will give you your own individual report including a host of practical ideas and actions to help you enhance your business

About the HealthCheck:

The Business HealthCheck covers every aspect of your business in an easy 'point and click' style. You will be able to complete the online survey in no more than 30 minutes.

Results will be kept strictly confidential between you and Business Health.

What you will get back is a comprehensive report on the current 'health' of your business, objectively assessed and benchmarked.

Your personalised report will also provide loads of information and ideas to help you improve the profitability and ongoing value of your business.

What You’ll Get

  • A personalised report on your business including:
    •    How it compares to over 2,000 other advice businesses
    •    A host of practical ideas and suggestions to further enhance your business

  • A complimentary copy of a valuable industry study which tells you: 
    •    How other practices have driven profitability through managed accounts and other business strategies
    •    Benchmark metrics to help you evaluate the most effective business strategies

  • The chance to discuss in confidence your individual results with the Business Health principals, among Australia’s most experienced advice consultants - at a preferential consultation rate.

To take advantage of this terrific opportunity (the tool would normally cost $750 + gst), click here and Business Health will send you log in details


About IMAP

The Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP) was formed to act as the nexus in this increasingly important industry. Our aim is to bring together advisers, managers, platforms and other managed account service providers to help build a better industry.


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