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  • Hard times won’t last forever

    Vincent Holland of Plutosoft explains how, an advisory firm can succeed both now and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Headwinds temper China’s growth

    Geopolitical tensions and the continued rise of China sparked some interesting discussion at the IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 2021. Jesse Imer (Mason Stevens), Jonathan Baird (Western Asset Management) and Nigel Douglas (Douglas Funds Consulting) provide some insights on the challenges facing China over the short-term.

  • IMAP Announces 2020 Managed Account Awards Finalists

    The Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP) has announced the finalists of the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards. covering categories for Innovation, LIcensee (for MDA programs developed integrated into the advice process, and both single sector asset classes and multi asset class programs delivered as either MDA portfolios of platform based SMAs...

  • IMAP announces that Managed Account FUM reaches $111.01bn on 30 June 2021

    IMAP has released the latest data in its 6 monthly Managed Accounts FUM Census long term series and announces that Managed Account FUM reaches $111.01bn on 30 June 2021. Use of Managed Account services by financial advisers’ clients surpasses major milestone.


  • IMAP announces that Managed Account FUM reaches $131.65 bn on 31 Dec 2021

    IMAP has released the latest data in its 6 monthly Managed Accounts FUM Census long term series and announces that Managed Account FUM reached $131.65 bn as at 31 Dec 2021, a new record.


  • IMAP announces that Managed Account FUM reaches $135.8 bn on 30 June 2022

    Market headwinds in first half of 2022 met by positive inflows resulting in overall growth in Funds under Management in Managed Account services to a record level.


  • IMAP Awards 2020 recognise excellence in managed accounts

    With over 70 entries across seven categories in the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards, judges praised the overall quality of the finalists, with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia taking out the coveted award for Licensee Managed Account and Milliman winning the highly contested Innovation category

  • IMAP's Independent Thought - Podcast Series informing on Managed Accounts, Investment Strategies, and the Investment Environment

  • Inaugural Digital Wealth Report by Investment Trends

    Michael Blomfield CEO Investment Trends

    A key finding of the inaugural Digital Wealth Report released by Investment Trends is that banking relationships are being redefined.

  • Inflation and the impact on global equities

    Katie Petering (BlackRock) and Alex Donald (Ironbark) discuss how inflation could hurt long duration growth stocks, and how global equity portfolios should reposition for this new environment.


  • Inflation: Surely this can’t last?

    Inflation is the talk of the town. The current spike in inflation has been driven by a number of factors - supply chain disruptions, QE, and geopolitical tensions. But just how long will inflation last and how is it impacting the portfolio management process? Alex Ventelon (Morgan Stanley), Aman Ramrahka (Morningstar), and David McDonald (IMAP) seek to answer these questions at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference


  • Infrastructure: Does it offer protection from inflation?

    In a wide ranging discussion on real assets at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, John Julian (AMP Capital) and Dan Cave (Zenith Investment Partners) consider the role of infrastructure in portfolios, particularly as a defence against inflation.


  • Integrity and durability - Australian Equities Category

    Beating a high calibre field of entries, First Sentier Investors has taken out the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Award in the Australian Equities category


  • Investing in China: Friend or foe?

    Speaking at a recent IMAP webinar on international equities, Lachlan Hughes CFA (Swell Asset Management), Mark Arnold (Hyperion Asset Management), Tom King (Nanuk Asset Management), Francyne Mu CFA (Franklin Templeton) and Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management) provided their views on the opportunities and threats of investing in China.

  • Investors are being lulled into a false sense of security

    Michael Karagianis, senior consultant at JANA, says that investors should batten down the hatches and prepare for further volatility during the COVID-19 recovery.

  • Investors ride market to record highs but ignore lessons from COVID-19 crisis

    "Investment markets are at a unique juncture. Equities are at record highs yet one can reasonably question whether the foundation keeping these valuations aloft is solid" says Victor Huang, Practice Leader, Milliman Australia


  • Investors turn to digital solutions

    Irene Guiamatsia

    At the end of 2020, the number of active retail online investors in Australia reached a new high of 1.25 million, highlighting a trend that has seen the retail investing market continue to grow, as Australians responded to changing macro conditions and embraced new digital investing solutions.

  • Listed real assets as an inflation hedge

    Speaking at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, Jan de Vos (Resolution Capital) and Dan Cave (Zenith Investment Partners) consider the role of real estate and property in portfolios in an inflationary environment.


  • Looking for growth in 2021

    In a low interest rate environment, Brad Matthews (Brad Matthews Investment Strategies), Chris Lioutas (Insight Investment Consultants), Jerome Lander (Dynamic Asset/WealthLander) and Alan Logan (Marcona Partners) share their insights on growth opportunities for portfolios.

  • Managed accounts get tick of approval

    Over the last five years, the number of financial advisers recommending managed accounts has doubled from 22 per cent to 44 per cent, with a further 26 per cent thinking of adding this investment solution to their advice offering


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