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  • China and the impact on regional equities

    In a wide ranging discussion on Asian equities at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, Dr Joseph Lai (Ox Capital Management), Rizi Mohanty (FSSA Investment Managers), and Dr Isaac Poole CIMA® (Oreana Financial Services) share their thoughts on Asia emerging markets, with a particular focus on China


  • Communicating with clients on ESG

    ESG and ethical investing is becoming increasingly important in the advice space, as more investors turn to this style of investing. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Angela Ashton (Evergreen Consultants), Dugald Higgins (Zenith Investment Partners) and Leah Willis (Australian Ethical) explain their approach to communicating with investors on ESG. The session was moderated by Alan Logan (Marcona Partners).


  • Crypto: Don’t write it off just yet

    There remains great uncertainty and healthy skepticism around cryptocurrency. At IMAP Specialist Webinar Series on ‘Investing in Disruption’, Craig Hobart (Monochrome Asset Management), Heath Behncke (Holon Global Investments), Cameron Gleeson (BetaShares), David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Dr Jerome Lander (WealthLander) and Rob Da Silva (SQM research) attempt to demystify and share some light on this complicated but rapidly evolving space.


  • Disruption: friend or foe?

    Does artificial intelligence and machine learning really work in portfolio management? IMAP Specialist Webinar features Dr James Yang (Coolabah Capital Investments), Dr David Allen (Plato Investment Management), David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Dr Jerome Lander (WealthLander) and Rob Da Silva ( SQM research) on ‘Investing in Disruption’.


  • Diversification is key to RAM’s success - Fixed Interest Catergory

    In an impressive display of portfolio management, Real Asset Management has taken out the Australian Fixed Interest category in the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Awards for an unprecedented four consecutive years.


  • Eight dimensions for building a business model

    Choosing the right business model that fits the capabilities and needs of your clients can be challenging for many advice businesses. Chris Wrightson (Ironbark Asset Management) and Tony Lynch (FinClear) explore eight key areas that businesses should consider as part of building a successful business strategy


  • Empowering investor success

    For advisers to thrive in the delivery of managed account advice, they first need to understand the challenges involved in the advice process. Speaking at the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, Rick Di Cristoforo - Director of Research Products AU/NZ at Morningstar - discusses six of these challenges


  • ESG can be challenging for clients

    Despite a growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing by investors, designing client portfolios that sustainably satisfy the criteria for ethical and responsible investing can be challenging.

  • Experience counts at Infinity - the Multi Asset Category Winners of IMAP Awards 2020

    Infinity Asset Management has taken out the Multi Asset category at the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards. By his own admission, winning the IMAP Managed Account Award for the Multi Asset category is a “big deal” for Infinity Asset Management, says its Chief Investment Officer, Piers Bolger.

  • FASEA announces one-off CPD relief for advisers

    FASEA Update

    Financial advisers will be granted an additional three months to meet their required 40 hour CPD requirement. The decision to provide relief for advisers with their CPD requirements was made by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) in response to business disruption caused by COVID-19. 

  • Focus - My Perspective

    View our Perspectives Magazine

  • Focused businesses deliver outperformance - International Equities Catergory

    With a view on focused businesses to drive portfolio diversity and outperformance, Franklin Templeton has taken out the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Award for International Equities.


  • Four key regulation issues facing advisers

    The IMAP Regulatory Group is currently focusing on a range of issues impacting the managed accounts sector. The Chair of the IMAP Regulatory Group, Jenny Mulders, outlines four of these key issues

  • Franklin Templeton's Global Growth portfolio wins the 2020 IMAP Award for International Equities

    Franklin Templeton wins the 2020 IMAP Award for International Equitiesfor their Global Growth portfolio. "It’s about doing the little things right and being consistent with what it does" that has seen Franklin Templeton take out the International Equities category.

  • Getting to the Core of portfolio management

    It’s no easy feat to win the prestigious Licensee Managed Account category in the IMAP Managed Accounts Awards, but Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia has stepped up for a third consecutive year - a first by any licensee in this category - to take out this year’s award. Alex Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee CFA explain Morgan Stanley’s approach to managed accounts.


  • Global equities: Identifying the opportunities

    Speaking at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, Francyne Mu CFA (Franklin Templeton) provides her views on the current global environment, and how macro and geopolitical issues will affect Franklin Templeton’s approach to identifying investment opportunities


  • Globalisation poised to change industry

    IMAP Chair Toby Potter and Peter Worn - Joint Managing Director at Finura Group - provide their key insights from the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, including the likely themes that are expected to play out in the industry from 2022 and beyond.


  • Headwinds temper China’s growth

    Geopolitical tensions and the continued rise of China sparked some interesting discussion at the IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 2021. Jesse Imer (Mason Stevens), Jonathan Baird (Western Asset Management) and Nigel Douglas (Douglas Funds Consulting) provide some insights on the challenges facing China over the short-term.

  • IMAP Awards 2020 recognise excellence in managed accounts

    With over 70 entries across seven categories in the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards, judges praised the overall quality of the finalists, with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia taking out the coveted award for Licensee Managed Account and Milliman winning the highly contested Innovation category

  • Inflation and the impact on global equities

    Katie Petering (BlackRock) and Alex Donald (Ironbark) discuss how inflation could hurt long duration growth stocks, and how global equity portfolios should reposition for this new environment.


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