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  • Perspectives - Summer 2017

    2 approaches to technology – 2 business models Toby Potter says that one of the key drivers of the development of managed accounts is the availability of the technology that makes it possible to manage hundreds of portfolios based on predetermined portfolios.

    Working group established to develop data standards IMAP has announced the establishment of an ‘industry working group’ to develop data standards for the exchange of managed account model data.

    14 hours per week saved using Managed Accounts Advisers using managed accounts are saving on average, 14.4 hours per week in administration and compliance work, according to new research by BT.

    Aussie fintech adoption 5th in world Australia’s fintech adoption rate is ranked fifth in the world, with an adoption rating of 37 per cent – up 24 per cent from two years ago. This puts Australia behind China (69%), India (52%), U.K. (42%) and Brazil (40%)…

    Demand for advice high as client numbers fall While the demand for advice from financial planners is at a record high, the number of Australians using them has dropped by 25 per cent to 2.2 million active clients in just 10 years – down from three million in 2007.

    Client engagement remains key With over 10 years’ experience in implementing asset class models and multi-sector portfolios on behalf of IFAs across multiple managed account platforms, who better to share his insights on the important considerations for any business transitioning across to a managed account business model than DFS Portfolio Solutions principal, Stephen Romic.

    Birth of the hybrid investor As the new age of investing emerges, advisers are forced to embrace ‘disruption’ and move towards digitalisation. It’s time to meet the more engaged consumer; the ‘hybrid’ investor, says Arnie Selvarajah.

    A different perspective When it comes to rolling out a managed accounts offering, Phil Smith wishes he had done it years ago. Jayson Forrest talks to him about the challenges involved.

    Choosing a Managed Account: What you need to know Toby Potter and Angela Ashton explain the four elements that make up a managed account and the importance of understanding how each element interlocks with the others.

    Managed Portfolios: A sound investment in your clients and your business Hub24 considers the growing trend of managed portfolios overseas and the significant benefit they offer clients, advisers and practice staff.

    What open platforms mean for the future of advice John Kim shares his views on how tomorrow’s platforms will further evolve the role of financial advisers and portfolio management. Since they entered the market more than 17 years ago, platforms have evolved considerably.

    The power of connecting Martin Morris discusses the importance of keeping your business healthy and keeping your clients engaged in today’s digital world. Technological innovation is driving change across all businesses globally, specifically in how a business deals with its customers.

    The future of managed accounts Over the past 10 years, the managed accounts sector has established itself as a major participant in the Australian financial services industry. As Matt Heine writes, the next five years will see this sector come of age, where new entrants, new technologies and new consumer habits will shape and evolve managed accounts to be mainstream in financial service practices.

    Amazon: May the best prepared win Andrew Stanley (Ralton Asset Management) says that Amazon’s planned entry into the Australian market has generated intense speculation about the outlook for incumbent players.


  • Portfolio management in an inflationary environment

    How do portfolio managers and advisers transition portfolios to a higher interest rate environment? Brad Matthews (Brad Matthews Investment Strategies), Brendan Paul (Atrium Investment Management), and David Cohen (Evergreen Consultants) discuss the implications of inflation and interest rate rises on portfolios.


  • Revolution and evolution in ESG

    A roundtable of investment professionals discussed their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations when building managed account portfolios. The discussion was led by Peter Wilson (Strategic Wealth), Deanne Baker (Lonsec) and John Woods CFA (Australian Ethical)..


  • Safeguarding the greenness of ESG

    The regulatory landscape of ESG is changing rapidly. At the IMAP InvestTech 2021 conference, Stuart Alsop of FE fundInfo took a deep look at the regulatory landscape - both here and overseas - and explains where the industry needs to go with ESG disclosure.


  • Strong stewardship delivers results - Multi Asset Category

    A focus on performance consistency and client satisfaction has seen Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia take out the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Award category for Multi Asset.


  • Sustainable portfolios: A winning approach

    ESG and sustainability are two styles of investment management that continue to command the attention of investors. Leah Willis (Australian Ethical Investment) and Deanne Baker (Lonsec) discuss the rise of ESG and the role they play in client portfolios.


  • Talent and the perfect storm

    As adviser numbers shrink, attracting, training, paying and retaining financial advisers is one of the most important issues facing businesses. Alisdair Barr (Striver), Matthew Swieconek (Findex) and Jonathan Scholes (Findex) discuss how advice practices are overcoming this challenge.


  • The art of handling illiquid assets

    Dale Holmes (Spire Capital), Shane Hawke (Oreana Portfolio Advisory Service) and Brad Matthews (Brad Matthews Investment Strategies) examine the options and merits of allocating illiquid assets in managed accounts at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference.


  • The benefits of megatrend investing

    By understanding the world’s megatrends, financial advisers and portfolio managers can better equip themselves to build portfolios that meet the investment objectives of clients. Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management) shared his insights on these megatrends at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management conference


  • The challenges of asset allocation

    Speaking at the IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 2021, Al Clark (MLC), Piers Bolger (Infinity Asset Management/Viridian Advisory) and Michael Karagianis (JANA) explore the challenges of asset allocation in a low interest rate environment.

  • The changing landscape of ESG investing

    Have the summer bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic changed the investing landscape? Speaking at the 2020 IMAP Adviser Roadshow, Leah Willis, Charles Stodart and Mary Campbell provide their views.

  • The climate change challenge

    The net zero carbon transition is providing investors with a range of opportunities in the ethical and climate-responsible investing space. Leah Willis and Dr Stuart Palmer discuss the growing appetite by investors for this type of investing.


  • The five drivers of advice prosperity

    Andrew Mathie, Samantha Hawkins and Matt van Dijk discussed the latest findings from Praemium research, which was undertaken by Business Health, on the key drivers for success for advice practices.


  • The four keys to business survival

    Jonathan Hoyle  Standford Brown 4 keys to business sucess

    Building the right foundations for any advice business will help drive success through these challenging and unprecedented times. Jonathan Hoyle talks to Jayson Forrest about the key drivers that support growth in a high performing business

  • The Nucleus of great innovation wins the Innovation category

    Nucleus Wealth’s proprietary software system - Proton - is helping to streamline the managed accounts offering at this Melbourne-based business. Its technology offering has taken out the Innovation category at the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Awards.


  • The Quality of Advice Review: Understanding the dimensions of quality

    With submissions now closed for the Quality of Advice Review, Adrian Kwa (Strategie3) and Toby Potter share their thoughts on what quality advice is and outline their key recommendations to Treasury


  • The value of managed accounts

    Managed accounts are quickly emerging as one of the key delivery vehicles for advice. Brett Sanders, CEO of Philo Capital Advisers, and Zac Leman, BT Head of Managed Accounts, discussed some of the key issues facing the uptake of managed accounts by advisers

  • The Virtual Office - Working from home tips from Adele Martin CFP®

    The COVID-19 pandemic is redefining the workplace, as more Aussies are forced to work from home. Adele Martin CFP® has been working from her virtual office for nearly five years. She shares her remote working tips with Jayson Forrest. 

  • Thinking outside the box with non-traditional investment strategies

    Speaking at a recent IMAP webinar, Nigel Crampton, Peter Tiffin and Andrew Lowe explored some non-traditional approaches to portfolio construction for delivering income to investors. The webinar was part of an IMAP series hosted by Michael Karagianis - a senior consultant at JANA Investment Advisers.....

  • Top three tips when advising on MDAs

    A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) can be a complex structure to advise on, with many different components to navigate. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Michael Mavromatis (Holley Nethercote) provides three tips that advisers and MDA providers should consider. Number 1 "Know your product, know your obligations"...


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