Less Jargon - Demystifying Managed Accounts

Professional Planner magazine quotes Tony McDonald as saying many Advisers been put off even considering a managed account offering simply because it is unclear what a managed account actually is, let alone the demands an offering may place on a practice’s existing resources and structure. But he says answering six key questions “when you are thinking about going into, or changing, a managed account offering” can make the situation much clearer.

IMAP is staging a workshop in Sydney on April 8, and a webinar for people unable to attend in person, aimed at demystifying managed accounts and examining how, if done the right way, the service can add value to a financial planning business and produce better investment results for clients. Professional Planner is the official media partner of the workshop and webinar. The workshop is sponsored by IOOF.

Click on the link to view this article and register  http://www.professionalplanner.com.au/technology-2/2015/04/01/less-jargon-and-the-answers-to-six-questions-can-help-to-demystify-managed-accounts-35575/?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=PPO667

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