Alternative Universe - John Kim (Macquarie) and Arnie Selvarajah (Bell Direct) John Kim and Arnie Selvarajah spoke on the evolving role of platforms and competitive administration services for advisers.

Quantum computing set to revolutionise business- Dee McGrath (IBM) Artificial intelligence, blockchain, technological connectivity and quantum computing are four areas that will radically transform business and society over the coming years.

The Future of Platforms - Jason Entwistle (HUB24) Open architecture, artificial intelligence and the personalisation of platforms, are part of the next stage in the evolutionary development of platforms.

Fintech Investing - Andrew Bird Speaking at IMAP’s 2017 InvestTech conference, Andrew Bird, a serial fintech investor, highlights his journey in running a fintech before becoming a full-time investor. Bird unknowingly started his own fintech in 1997. 



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