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Licensee Managed Account

  • Crystal Wealth Partners
  • Paradigm Group
  • Stanford Brown Group
  • Viridian Financial Group
  • WLM Financial Services


  • Dynamic Asset Consulting
  • Elston Asset Management
  • Financial Simplicity
  • Fincast
  • managedaccounts.com.au

Australian Equities

  • Bennelong Australian Equity Partners
  • DFS Portfolio Solutions
  • DNR Capital
  • Macquarie Investment Management
  • SG Hiscock & Company
  • Shaw and Partners Limited

Australian Equities Small Cap

  • 8ip
  • Pearl Funds Management
  • Macquarie Investment Management
  • Watershed Funds Management

International Equities

  • Pearl Funds Management
  • DFS Portfolio Solutions
  • Powerwrap – WCM Quality Global Growth
  • Prime Financial Group
  • Watershed Funds Management

Multi Asset Class

  • Atrium Investment Management
  • DFS Portfolio Solutions
  • Dynamic Asset Consulting
  • Innova Asset Management
  • The Lunar Group Pty Limited

Other Asset Classes

  • DFS Portfolio Solutions
  • Mason Stevens
  • Prime Financial Group
  • Real Asset Management
  • Royston Capital

As managed accounts become central to the way in which Licensees and Advisers implement their advice, IMAP wants to ensure that best practice amongst investment managers and licensees is promoted and recognised.

The IMAP Managed Account Awards are selected by a panel of experienced investment professionals. They understand the portfolio construction and investment selection process through their experience on investment committees, in running managed account and fund portfolios and through their hands on involvement in the development of managed account portfolios.

Why Enter?

Being a finalist, let alone a winner, in the IMAP Managed Accounts Awards brings with it the recognition of your peers that your processes and service to investors is regarded as high quality.

Success in the Awards will demonstrate to your staff, advisers and clients what it is that sets your services apart and you’ll have the logos and trophy to prove it.

As a winner, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in IMAP events and conferences as a leading example of how managed accounts can be successfully integrated into advice practices

Who Can Enter?

The IMAP Managed Account Awards are open to all AFSLs including:

  • Licensees who are responsible for asset allocation and manager selections decisions in managed accounts recommended by their advisers
  • Licensees who are responsible for stock or fund selection in their portfolios 
  • Investment managers with specific portfolios offered as managed accounts
  • Research houses and investment specialists who offer discrete portfolios implemented in managed account structures

In the case of the innovation award, entry is open to any AFSL who believe they have improved the way in which managed accounts meet the needs of investors. 

What types of Managed Accounts can enter?

The IMAP Managed Account Awards recognise that different investment approaches mean different portfolio types. So the Awards are open to:

  • all legal structures – SMA / MIS, MDA, Wholesale MDA, IDPS, IDPS Like
  • all investment types – direct stocks, managed funds, ETFS
  • All portfolio managers – including investment managers, AFS Licensees / dealer groups and research house managed portfolios. This includes portfolios which are managed by a licensee but which are subadvised by one or more investment managers or asset allocation specialists

In particular, we want AFS Licensees and dealer groups to take part so that the excellent work done in implementing advice philosophies can be recognised.

You will need a history of at least 12 months in each of the portfolios you submit.


Scope of each Category and sub-category

1. Asset Class Portfolios


  a) Australian Equities

ASX listed direct securities including AEQ ETFs and associated securities

  b) Australian Equities Small cap

ASX listed direct securities drawn from ex 50

  c) International equities

Directly held international securities, ASX listed ETFs  and managed funds with ex AUS asset allocation

  d) Multi asset class

Multi asset class portfolios with a designated objective either risk profile based, absolute return or goals based objective

  e) Other asset classes

Portfolios based on other investment objectives



2. Licensee Managed Account Portfolios

Portfolios developed for use by representatives of a single AFSL



3. Innovation

This category recognises a development in the area of managed accounts






Date that entry information and data needs to relate to

31 March 2018

Closing date for entries

31 May 2018

Finalists announced

10 July 2018

Awards event

1 August 2018

Judging Criteria

General criteria:

The portfolio needs to be offered through a managed account structure with the following features:

  • Recognised legal structure – registered MIS, MDA, IDPS Like, IDPS model
  • Investments directly held by or on behalf of each investor i.e. not a pooled structure
  • Model based
  • Clear discretion held by the portfolio or investment manager

The portfolio needs to have a clear objective and a benchmark

Asset Class portfolios:

Judging will take into account:

  • Performance over time periods of 1 and 3 years
  • Risk measures including SD and Sharpe ratio
  • Weighted average cost of investment both directly and considering the underlying investments
  • Qualitative criteria including the resources available to the portfolio management organisation and the structure

Licensee Managed Account Portfolios

The criteria applied to the single sector portfolios will apply, however, in addition the judges will consider

  • The investment committee structure and resourcing
  • The way in which the portfolios reflect the advice firm’s investment philosophy and appear to be integrated with it.
  • How the Managed Account Service fits with the client proposition.
  • Supporting materials, in particular the client and adviser communications about portfolio management and portfolio changes

Innovation Award

This is a broad category which recognises those activities which have been designed to improve the:

  • Operation and process of managed accounts
  • Adoption by advisers and licensees
  • Investment options
  • Technology used to support managed accounts
  • Other functions the judges think worthy of recognition

Stuart Alsop is Head of Data Australia / New Zealand for FE. After working in the FE offices in London for many years where he held various senior data analyst roles,

Stuart moved to Sydney in 2015 to run the Australian & New Zealand fund database covering Managed Funds, ETFs, LICs and domestic Equities, providing purely quantitative information to the financial services industry.

Angela Ashton  

Angela Ashton co-founded Evergreen Consultants and has 25 years experience in investment markets.

She has held senior investment roles at QIC, and was Head of Ratings at van Eyk Research and Lonsec. She holds a BSc, BEcon, MComm (Fin), is a Fellow of FINSIA and completed the CIMA qualification. 

Nigel Douglas   Nigel Douglas is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Douglas Funds Consulting Pty Ltd which is an independent research firm that undertakes customised fund and client specific research projects as well as investment committee and non-executive director roles. 

Mr Douglas has over 30 years financial markets experience with high level expertise in investment manager research, asset allocation and macroeconomics.

Brad Matthews  

Brad Matthews has over 30 years experience in the finance industry and is a highly regarded investment strategist. After working in the money and foreign exchange markets in the mid-1980s, Brad held various economist roles at St. George Bank.  He then moved into executive management positions at St. George, including being the Head of the Cards and ATMs division. Prior to establishing his own investment consultancy business in 2015, Brad worked in investment research at the AMP Group for 12 years, which included roles as Head of Research and Head of Investment Strategy for AMP Group financial planning licensees.

For the past 24 years, Brad has been editor of a newsletter known as “Plain English Economics”, which is read by secondary students studying economics.

Dominic McCormick  

Dominic McCormick has worked in financial services and investment management for 33 years.  He co-founded multi-asset and alternatives manager Select Asset Management in 2002 which was sold to OveVue Limited in 2014. 

He is the Portfolio Manager of the Select Listed Investments Fund and the Select Real Return Fund.  He also provides investment consulting services with a focus on portfolio construction, real return investing and listed funds.

Mark Oliver  

Mark Oliver is head of Managed Accounts for Macquarie Wealth Management.  He has 30 years international and local experience in wealth management across both the business and technology. 

Mark has worked in government and personal superannuation, life insurance, Wrap platforms, online trading and managed accounts. Prior to joining Macquarie in 2007 Mark managed his own consulting company, primarily consulting to large Wrap platforms on product and technology development.  In his current role Mark is involved in determining which investment managers are added to the SMA menu.

Entry is now closed

2018 IMAP Managed Account Awards 
Terms & Conditions of Entry

We are delighted that you would like to participate in the 2018 IMAP Managed Account Awards (‘Awards’).

This document is our ‘Terms and Conditions’ (‘Terms’), and if you would like to enter and participate in the Awards, you will need to adhere to these Terms.

The Awards are conducted by the Institute of Managed Account Professionals Limited (ABN 57 125 794 274), of Level 2, 22 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (‘IMAP’, ‘we’, ‘us, ‘our’).

Any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ in these Terms includes you in your personal capacity, as a representative of the business, as well as your business being entered into and as a participant of the Awards.

Who can enter?

The IMAP Managed Account Awards recognise that different investment approaches mean different portfolio types. So, the Awards are open to:

  • all legal structures – SMA / MIS, MDA, Wholesale MDA, IDPS, IDPS Like
  • all investment types – direct stocks, managed funds, ETFS; and
  • all portfolio managers – including investment managers, AFS Licensees / dealer groups and research house managed portfolios. This includes portfolios which are managed by a licensee but which are sub-advised by one or more investment managers or asset allocation specialists.

You need not be the Responsible entity, MDA Provider or IDPS Operator of the managed account portfolios to enter the Awards. However, you must disclose all the parties involved in advising on asset allocation, portfolio management or security selection or similar in the portfolios you enter.

Ground rules

In order to enter the Awards, you:

  • Must comply with these Terms;
  • Must hold an AFSL;
  • May enter in your role as portfolio manager, investment manager or similar for one or more portfolios which are presented as Managed Accounts;
  • Agree that the judges’ decision is final and will be arrived at using such assessment or methodology which they believe is appropriate to meeting the objectives of the Awards program and may include material or information in addition to the material you submit;
  • Warrant to us that the information you provide is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate in all material respects; and
  • Agree that we may request confirmation of any information you provide, for example in the form of reports or meeting minutes.

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to declare your entry into the Awards ineligible, or disqualify your entry if:

  • You have not complied with these Terms;
  • Your entry form is incomplete;
  • You are unable to represent or promote the Awards in an appropriate or satisfactory manner;
  • The information you have submitted to us is misleading, false or provided unlawfully; or
  • We have determined that you or your business are involved in conduct or activity that is fraudulent, illegal and/or may harm us and our reputation.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We collect your information, including personal information as defined under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), in order to conduct the Awards. Our privacy statement will apply for your involvement in the Awards. You’ll find our Privacy Policy at https://imap.asn.au/privacy-policy. As part of your participation, we collect all kinds of information relating to you and your business, including your responses to the entry forms. We will share this only with the judging panel. By entering into and participating in the Awards, you consent that those with access to your information to use it to judge or administer the Awards, however, the fact that you have participated may be made available to our subscribers and sponsors.

If you would like to access or correct the information that we hold about you, or wish to withdraw your consent to receive Awards material contact IMAP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights related to the Awards, including the information and data we collect, belong to IMAP. This does not extend to any intellectual property rights you already owned prior to entering the Awards which remain your intellectual property. Any data or other material which you provide will only be used for the purpose of judging the Awards.

The judges may be subject to conflicts of interest and will tender declarations to that effect. Any affected judge will be excluded form consideration of the conflicted entrant.

You agree that we may use your logo and name in any material which promotes the Awards. You agree to allow us and the Sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards, to take photos or video footage of you, your business and your representative(s), and use any of the material collected as part of your participation. If we do use any of the materials listed above, you grant us a royalty free licence to use the materials for promotional purposes in relation to the Awards.

Use of the IMAP Managed Account Award Logo

If you are a finalist or winner of an Award, we will grant you a royalty free licence to use the relevant banner or trophy device for promotional purposes, so long as you use it in the form which we provide you.

The small print

To the extent permitted by law, neither IMAP (including its officers, employees and agents) nor the judges will be liable for any loss (including indirect or consequential loss), damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Awards. You will indemnify us and our officers, employees and agents including the judges against any loss or liability from any claim or action that arises as a result of a breach of these Terms by you, or your use of the materials or information supplied by you under these Terms.

By entering the Awards, you agree to submit to the laws of New South Wales, and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place and the courts of appeal from them.


Celebrate with the IMAP Managed Account Award Winners and Finalists at our Awards night Cocktail party!

1st August 2018 6:00PM - 8:30PM

Dockside Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

Award Ticket Prices

Finalist/Adviser $199 per ticket
Corporate $400 per ticket

Buy a Combo ticket to attend both the Awards and the Portfolio Management Conference and receive a 20% Discount

 Adviser Combo  $331 per person
Corporate Combo  $800 per person

LICENSEE AND CORPORATE SUBSCRIBERS receive a further 25% Discount



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Meet 2018 Olympic Silver Medallist - Matt Graham - Awards Special Guest Speaker

Matthew Graham, from the Central Coast, started skiing at the age of 3. 


Earlier this year he represented Australia at the Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea where he won a silver medal. 

Join us on awards night to hear about his amazing journey and how he aims to be victorious at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.



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