Balmain Funds Management Pty Ltd
Balmain Funds Management Pty Ltd

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  • Executive Chairman, Balmain NB Corporation Limited
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    Head of Sales, Balmain Private
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    Senior Account Executive, Balmain Private
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About Us

Balmain is 100% staff owned.

Balmain is the largest non-bank commercial loan servicer in Australia and New Zealand with over 35 years focus solely on the commercial property loan market. Formed in 1979 , Balmain has originated over $30 billion in commercial property loans. Balmain has proven expertise in underwriting and managing large-scale Commercial Real Estate debt programs and has the largest commercial loan recovery capacity in Australasia.

It has been engaged as an Asset Manager Special Servicer and/or Trust manager for over $6 billion in CRE assets for some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions.  

Balmain Discrete Mortgage Income Trusts. Average income 7.5% pa paid monthly.

Choose from a wide range of individual first mortgage commercial loan investments pre funded by Balmain. Each stand-alone investment provides different returns , terms and risk. With access to detailed loan and credit information , investors decide which investments are right for them.

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Level 2, 22 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000