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Who we are

Betashares is a leading Australian fund manager specialising in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other funds traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Since launching our first ETF in 2010, Betashares has grown to become one of Australia’s largest managers of ETFs.

Serving hundreds of thousands of Australian investors, Betashares offers cost-effective, simple and liquid access to the broadest range of ETF investment solutions available on the ASX, covering almost every asset class and investment strategy.


Our range of Exchange Traded Funds is one of the largest and most diverse in the market, offering investors’ access to simple to use, transparent and cost-effective exchange traded funds.

All our funds can be bought and sold like any share on the ASX.

Our Funds cover the following asset classes and strategies:

Australian Shares         International Shares

Equity Income              Cash & Fixed Income

Managed Risk              Global Sectors

Short                            Currency

Commodity                   Active


Contact us

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