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BT has a strong history in innovation and a market leading position in the platform administration market with BT Wrap and Asgard.

With over $100bn in funds under administration, over 13,000 advisers and 400,000 clients. When these products launched they revolutionalised the industry. Now this vision is BT Panorama

BT has been operating managed accounts for many years.

BT Private Portfolio, an IMA for wholesale investors has clients originating from Westpac Financial Services, Rothschild Australia, Sagitta Wealth and BT Financial Group, with the longest standing client having been with the business for just over 50 years.

The first SMA, called BT Elect, was developed by BT and taken to market in 2006, followed by the first SMA on BT Panorama, called BT Managed Portfolios, released in 2015.

BT Managed Portfolios offers a range of off-the-shelf portfolios constructed by different professional investments managers, with a Licensee offering for private clients also available.

In total, BT’s Managed Accounts offerings manage in excess of $3bn as at June 2017.


Since 2012, BT has been building Panorama, leveraging new technologies and the latest design methodologies to deliver better solutions for advisers and their clients.  BT Panorama Investments now integrates a range of investment options – managed portfolios, managed funds, term deposits, BT cash and listed securities.

The Managed Accounts business has been expanded onto the platform with new product developments in the SMA and MDA space. Complementing the Investment offer, is the new BT Panorama Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and Super solutions. BT will continue to build Panorama by offering enhancements to the existing features and services in 2017.

BT Managed Portfolios:

-       Professional IM models

-       Licensee Models

Tailored Portfolios

-       3rd Party MDA Providers

-       Licensee operated MDA Service

-       LMDA Tools (until October 2018)


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