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Who we are

Colonial First State has been helping Australians with their investment, superannuation and retirement needs since 1988.

Our approach

We’re a proud leader in our field across an award-winning range of wealth management solutions.

With expertise spanning a range of investment, superannuation and retirement products, we’re committed to providing the best possible outcomes over the long term for our investors. How do we achieve this? We align our values to our customers

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Our products
We’re recognised for product innovation and have a strong track record delivering robust, award-winning solutions for our customers.

Our strong performance, efficient administration, and value for money products are delivered with excellent service to help you to maximise your investment outcomes.
Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do and constantly seek to outperform.

Our investment methodology
At Colonial First State, we’re committed to bringing you world-class investment strategies to help manage and build your wealth.

We believe the dynamic nature of investment markets, coupled with our expertise, lets us add value over and above the markets we operate in. For many of our funds, we aim for investment returns above those of the relevant market index. Put simply, we aim to outperform the benchmark.
We manage portfolios across a range of different investment styles, asset classes and risk profiles. In each case we believe our role is not to avoid risk, but rather to understand the relationship between risk and reward and to manage risk appropriately, relative to the objectives of the portfolio.
We choose investments and construct our portfolios in a disciplined manner, with an emphasis on identifying and controlling risk. We avoid speculation and ensure our portfolios are appropriately diversified


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