Advice in Action

  • Building a practice with HNW clients

    Vincent O’Neill (Stanford Brown) and Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers) discuss how advice firms successfully attract and support HNW clients, while individualising the advice service offering for them.


  • Building a sustainable HNW client offering

    IMAP Specialist Webinar Series Investment management for High Net Worth clients

    James Trude (Clime) and Michael Karagianis (JANA) take a look at the intricacies of building a sustainable HNW client offering, and explore the opportunity for advice practices from a growth in intergenerational wealth transfer

  • Differentiating your advice service

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Differentiating your advice service

    Andrew Mathie (Praemium) reveals key insights from Praemium’s latest research to explain why using managed accounts can help differentiate an advice service

  • Earning tomorrow’s clients

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Searching for Tomorrow's Adviser Clients - they will have different goals and needs

    Advisers are increasingly recognising that the rules around investing don’t apply to the next generation of clients, so to attract the next generation of clients, advisers will need to rethink their approach to servicing a very diverse demographic base, says James Kingston - BlackRock

  • Investing in an inflationary environment

    Alex Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee (Morgan Stanley) explain why taking a multi-asset allocation approach is better suited to generate favourable risk-adjusted returns in the current volatile and inflationary environment.


  • Overcoming detours and roadblocks for successful implementation

    There are a range of potential obstacles to avoid when implementing a managed accounts structure. Brent Bevan (MLC) identifies the key obstacles and provides solutions to overcoming them.


  • Talent and the perfect storm

    As adviser numbers shrink, attracting, training, paying and retaining financial advisers is one of the most important issues facing businesses. Alisdair Barr (Striver), Matthew Swieconek (Findex) and Jonathan Scholes (Findex) discuss how advice practices are overcoming this challenge.


  • Talking ESG to clients

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Talking with Clients about ESG investment

    With interest and growth in ESG investing showing no signs of abating, Jessica Harris - Financial Adviser (MGD Wealth) explains her approach when talking to clients about this style of investing.

  • The climate change challenge

    The net zero carbon transition is providing investors with a range of opportunities in the ethical and climate-responsible investing space. Leah Willis and Dr Stuart Palmer discuss the growing appetite by investors for this type of investing.


  • The five drivers of advice prosperity

    Andrew Mathie, Samantha Hawkins and Matt van Dijk discussed the latest findings from Praemium research, which was undertaken by Business Health, on the key drivers for success for advice practices.


  • Transitioning to Managed Accounts

    Deciding to transition to a managed accounts program is the easy bit. However, for advice businesses that are not fully prepared, there can be challenges in implementing this investment solution. John Burton (Lonsec) explores the six critical factors that underscore a successful rollout of managed accounts.


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