ESG investment

  • Communicating with clients on ESG

    ESG and ethical investing is becoming increasingly important in the advice space, as more investors turn to this style of investing. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Angela Ashton (Evergreen Consultants), Dugald Higgins (Zenith Investment Partners) and Leah Willis (Australian Ethical) explain their approach to communicating with investors on ESG. The session was moderated by Alan Logan (Marcona Partners).


  • Differentiating your advice service

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Differentiating your advice service

    Andrew Mathie (Praemium) reveals key insights from Praemium’s latest research to explain why using managed accounts can help differentiate an advice service

  • Eight dimensions for building a business model

    Choosing the right business model that fits the capabilities and needs of your clients can be challenging for many advice businesses. Chris Wrightson (Ironbark Asset Management) and Tony Lynch (FinClear) explore eight key areas that businesses should consider as part of building a successful business strategy


  • ESG can be challenging for clients

    Despite a growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing by investors, designing client portfolios that sustainably satisfy the criteria for ethical and responsible investing can be challenging.

  • Investors turn to managed products

    The outlook of Australian investors for domestic stocks remains subdued in the opening months of 2020, despite the market’s strong performance in 2019. According to findings from the Investment Trends’ Investor Product Needs Report

  • Many shades of green to ESG

    Applying ESG and ethical frameworks within a portfolio, without compromising returns, might sound difficult. But for Karen McLeod CFP® (Ethical Investment Advisers), Dan Powell (Nanuk Asset Management), Leah Willis (Australian Ethical) and Jason Todd (Macquarie), investing ethically is not as hard as it seems.

  • Revolution and evolution in ESG

    A roundtable of investment professionals discussed their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations when building managed account portfolios. The discussion was led by Peter Wilson (Strategic Wealth), Deanne Baker (Lonsec) and John Woods CFA (Australian Ethical)..


  • Safeguarding the greenness of ESG

    The regulatory landscape of ESG is changing rapidly. At the IMAP InvestTech 2021 conference, Stuart Alsop of FE fundInfo took a deep look at the regulatory landscape - both here and overseas - and explains where the industry needs to go with ESG disclosure.


  • Talking ESG to clients

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Talking with Clients about ESG investment

    With interest and growth in ESG investing showing no signs of abating, Jessica Harris - Financial Adviser (MGD Wealth) explains her approach when talking to clients about this style of investing.

  • The changing landscape of ESG investing

    Have the summer bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic changed the investing landscape? Speaking at the 2020 IMAP Adviser Roadshow, Leah Willis, Charles Stodart and Mary Campbell provide their views.

  • The rise of ESG as an investment theme - IMAP Independent Thought

    The appetite by Australian investors for portfolios that meet their personal values, continues to rise steadily. And sitting at the heart of this is ESG. Leah Willis (Australian Ethical), James Harwood (Russell Investments), Michael Salvatico (S&P Global Sustainable1), and Deanne Baker (Lonsec) share their thoughts on how advisers can meet this demand, while still satisfying the financial goals of their clients.


  • Watershed year predicted for ESG

    Fidelity International’s 2020 Analyst Survey has uncovered a tipping point for corporates globally, as they recognise that considering environmental, social and governance factors is not just the right thing to do, but good business, too.

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