Independent Thought

  • Australian equities: Is the market too optimistic?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Growth Strategy

    The outlook for Australian equities is looking positive. David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Peter Bell (Bellmont Securities), Hamish Tadgell (SG Hiscock), & Andrew Garrett (Perpetual) provide their thoughts on the key themes and opportunities at the 2023 IMAP Independent Thought Conference

  • BlackRock - Back to a volatile future - IMAP Independent Thought

    Katie Petering - Director & Head of Investment Strategyexplains the BlackRock Investment Institute’s latest views on tactical asset allocation, including the three key investment themes it expects will play out over the next six months.


  • Bonds are now an option for Portfolios - From IMAP Independent Thought

    With the global economy slowing and recessionary pressures growing, how should advisers and portfolio managers respond to their fixed income settings? Adam Bowe (PIMCO), Dr Isaac Poole (Oreana Portfolio Advisory), Lukasz de Pourbaix (Lonsec), and Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers) discuss the role of fixed income in portfolios.


  • Do alternatives still have a key role in portfolios?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference on Alternative Investments

    Is there value in private markets and how do you incorporate them into portfolios? Jonathan Ramsay (InvestSense), Steven Tang (Zenith Investment Partners), and Jason Horn (BlackRock) provide their perspectives on the role of alternatives in portfolios

  • Fixed interest: Are bonds the key to portfolios again?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Fixed Interest

    Chris West (Context Capital), Michael Frearson (Real Asset Management), Chris Lioutas (Insight Investment Consultants), and Tim Hext (Pendal Group) provide their outlook for fixed interest over the next 12 months.

  • Getting the benefits of real assets for retail investors - IMAP Independent Thought

    How necessary are real assets and private equity as a component of portfolios for retail investors, and how can they access these assets? This was one of the questions considered by Dale Holmes (Spire Capital), Robert Talevski (Activus Investment Advisors), and Tom Schubert (Drummond Capital Partners)


  • Has inflation peaked? - IMAP Independent Thought

    Inflation underpins every asset class. But have we seen the peak of inflation? Jay Sivapalan (Janus Henderson), Hugh Dive (Atlas Funds Management), Kieran Rooney (Evergreen Consultants), and Chamath De Silva (BetaShares) discuss the implications of inflation on portfolio construction and asset allocation.t.


  • Have we seen the end of globalisation? - IMAP Independent Thought

    A war in Ukraine, rising tensions over China, and political events worldwide have caused a sharp jump in risk levels for financial markets. Jonathon Costello (Western Asset), Chris Carrodus (Evidentia), David Berthon-Jones (Aequitas), Matthew Swieconek (Findex), and Brett Sanders (Philo Capital Advisers) discuss these rising risks when constructing portfolios.


  • How to deal with increasingly volatile markets - IMAP Independent Thought

    When talking about risk, it’s generally referred to in relation to volatility and the potential for capital loss. Raf Choudhury (abrdn), William Higgins (DFS Portfolio Solutions), Glen Foster (Atrium), and Victor Huang (Milliman) discuss their approach to risk and how they deal with portfolio construction in an increasingly volatile environment.


  • Illiquid assets: Selection and strategies

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Illiquid assets

    What are the benefits of illiquid assets and how do you access them? discussed by Daniel Choo (Russell Investments), Matthew Swieconek (Findex), and Ryan Synnot (Arrow Private Wealth) at the 2023 IMAP Independent Thought Conference

  • IMAP's Independent Thought - Podcast Series informing on Managed Accounts, Investment Strategies, and the Investment Environment

  • Improving client relationships with philanthropy - From IMAP Independent Thought

    Caitriona Fay - Managing Partner, Community & Social Investment explains Perpetual Private’s approach to improving client relations with philanthropy and explains the 3 primary philanthropic structures that can be used in Australia


  • Infrastructure: The risk/reward pay off

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Infrastructure

    Nick Schoenmaker (Drummond Capital Partners), Rob da Silva (da Silva Consulting), Rafio Khan (Innova Asset Management), and Nick Langley (ClearBridge Investments) discuss the opportunities available to investors with infrastructure

  • International equities: Do they remain a key driver of returns?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference International Equities

    Can global equities continue to outperform, & which countries and sectors provide attractive opportunities for investors? Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management), Rob Makdissi (Akambo), Ashley Owen (Owen Analytics), and Dominic McCormick (Investment Consultant) take a deep dive into this asset class.

  • Navigating uncertainty with global equities - From IMAP Independent Thought

    Global equities are one of the key drivers of returns for managed account portfolios, but at a time when global indices are down around 20 per cent year-to-date, managing this part of the portfolio is particularly challenging. Andy Gardner (Fiera Atlas Global Companies), Alex Ventelon (Morgan Stanley), and Daniel Stojanovski (Centrepoint Alliance) discuss their approach to navigating uncertainty with this asset class.


  • Positioning portfolios for inflation

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference inflation & portfolios

    With inflation back in the headlines, Dr Isaac Poole (Oreana Portfolio Advisory), Jeff Mitchell (Infocus Securities), and Wayne Chatterjee (Morgan Stanley) discuss how to position portfolios in an inflationary environment.

  • Property strategies in challenging times

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Property

    Mary Power (JANA Investment Advisers), Louis Christopher (SQM Research), and Damon Mumford (Dexus) provide their views on the property market, including the implications of offshore trends for Australia.

  • Rethinking private markets - From IMAP Independent Thought

    While private equity can provide investors with capital gain and growth, and private debt with stability of capital and an uncorrelated source of income, private market assets don’t come without their risks. Adrian Mackenzie (Five V Capital), Andrew Lockhart (Metrics Credit Partners), Jonathan Ramsay (InvestSense), and Kyle Lidbury CFA (Perpetual Private) discuss the role of private markets in retail portfolios.


  • Setting the case for Aussie equities - From IMAP Independent Thought

    Despite a challenging and volatile investment environment, Martin Conlon (Schroders), Anthony Golowenko(MLC Asset Management), Chris Reynolds (Infinity Asset Management), and Peter Bell (Bellmont Securities) set the case for Australian equities.


  • Sound fundamentals of property

    IMAP Iwebinar Property infrastructure update

    Although there are challenges for the property sector over the short-term, both Damon Mumford (Dexus) and Mary Power (JANA Investment Advisers) believe the fundamentals for the Australian market are sound

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