• Australia -vs- rest of the world on Inflation & Interest rates

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "The RBA is lagging has more work to do! In Sept 23 quarterly inflation rose from 0.8% to 1.2%, but cash rate's been sitting at 4.1% since June 23, after 12 rate hikes. Is the RBA doing enough? " asks Ashley Owen,

  • Balancing portfolio risk against returns

    IMAP iBalancing portfolio risk against returns

    Can investors protect their portfolios against the dual risks of inflation and recession? Kieran Canavan (Centric Wealth) and Andy Gardner (Fiera Capital) consider suitable strategies.


  • Geopolitics: Risks and opportunities

    Diana Mousina (AMP) and Dr Matt Gerten (BCA Research) discuss the geopolitical risks and opportunities for investors.

    Geopolitics are having a considerable impact on investment markets. Diana Mousina (AMP) and Dr Matt Gertken (BCA Research) discuss the geopolitical risks and opportunities for investors.


  • Has inflation peaked? - IMAP Independent Thought

    Inflation underpins every asset class. But have we seen the peak of inflation? Jay Sivapalan (Janus Henderson), Hugh Dive (Atlas Funds Management), Kieran Rooney (Evergreen Consultants), and Chamath De Silva (BetaShares) discuss the implications of inflation on portfolio construction and asset allocation.t.


  • Higher inflation equals lower real returns on all assets

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "Higher inflation in future means lower nominal (headline) returns on asset classes & portfolios, and lower real (inflation-adjusted) returns. A big change from the past 30 years", says Ashley Owen

  • Inflation and the impact on global equities

    Katie Petering (BlackRock) and Alex Donald (Ironbark) discuss how inflation could hurt long duration growth stocks, and how global equity portfolios should reposition for this new environment.


  • Inflation: Surely this can’t last?

    Inflation is the talk of the town. The current spike in inflation has been driven by a number of factors - supply chain disruptions, QE, and geopolitical tensions. But just how long will inflation last and how is it impacting the portfolio management process? Alex Ventelon (Morgan Stanley), Aman Ramrahka (Morningstar), and David McDonald (IMAP) seek to answer these questions at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference


  • Investing in an inflationary environment

    Alex Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee (Morgan Stanley) explain why taking a multi-asset allocation approach is better suited to generate favourable risk-adjusted returns in the current volatile and inflationary environment.


  • Listed real assets as an inflation hedge

    Speaking at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, Jan de Vos (Resolution Capital) and Dan Cave (Zenith Investment Partners) consider the role of real estate and property in portfolios in an inflationary environment.


  • Market Monitor – end August 2023: 'Sticky inflation' + 'What’s keeping the AUD down'

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "It's a confused picture this month with share markets lower across the board from profit taking, interest rate hikes slowing, inflation receding, central bankers warnings,and bond yields flat in most markets", says Ashley Owen

  • Market Monitor – October 2023 wrap-up: Central banks not done yet with rate hikes, military tensions rise

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "Welcome to the Monthly Market Monitor for October 2023. First, here is our quick snapshot of Australian and US share markets, short- and long-term interest rates, inflation, and the AUD since the start of 2020" explains Ashley Owen

  • Portfolio management in an inflationary environment

    How do portfolio managers and advisers transition portfolios to a higher interest rate environment? Brad Matthews (Brad Matthews Investment Strategies), Brendan Paul (Atrium Investment Management), and David Cohen (Evergreen Consultants) discuss the implications of inflation and interest rate rises on portfolios.


  • Positioning portfolios for inflation

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference inflation & portfolios

    With inflation back in the headlines, Dr Isaac Poole (Oreana Portfolio Advisory), Jeff Mitchell (Infocus Securities), and Wayne Chatterjee (Morgan Stanley) discuss how to position portfolios in an inflationary environment.

  • Sound fundamentals of property

    IMAP Iwebinar Property infrastructure update

    Although there are challenges for the property sector over the short-term, both Damon Mumford (Dexus) and Mary Power (JANA Investment Advisers) believe the fundamentals for the Australian market are sound

  • The Low Inflation era of great returns is over. Investing just got a whole lot harder!

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics Australia's population growth

    "Investors enjoyed unusually high returns in the past couple of decades because everyasset class posted above average returns in the low inflation era we have just enjoyed, but what now?" asks Ashley Owen. Find out more

  • Update October 2023: Three quarter time score check: 2023 a low-scoring year

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "Despite constant doom and gloom in the media headlines this year, most asset classes are ahead in 2023, and most are ahead of inflation", says Ashley Owen

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