Investment Trends

  • 15 years of lessons learnt

    John McIlroy (Crystal Wealth Partners), Martin Crabb (Shaw and Partners) and Martin Morris (Praemium) share some lessons learnt from using managed accounts as part of their advice process over the last 15 years

  • 2017 Investment Webinars

  • 2020 IMAP Award for Aust Equity Small Cap category

    Consistency is the key as for the third consecutive year, Macquarie Investment Management has taken out the IMAP Award in the Australian Equities Small Cap category for its Australian Equities Small Companies SMA Strategy.

  • 2020 IMAP Award for Fixed Interest category

    Fundamentals pay off at Real Asset Management who have won the IMAP Award for a third consecutive year in the Australian Fixed Interest category. Thi ssuccess speaks highly to the quality of processes, people and performance track record at Real Asset Management.

  • 2020 IMAP Award for Innovation category - Building smart client solutions

    Milliman’s SmartShield Series  - a set of managed account portfolios with built-in risk management protection - has taken out the Innovation category at the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards.

  • 2021 Portfolio Management Conference Session Videos

  • 5 key areas for overseas investing

    Speaking at a recent IMAP webinar on ‘Considerations for licensees in international investing’, Nathan Lim Morgan Stanley's Head of Wealth Management Research Australia, reveals the 5 key areas that investors need to be aware of when investing in overseas markets.

  • Allocating to property and infrastructure

    IMAP webinar allocation to illiquid assets like infrastructure and property

    William Morgan (Atrium Investment Management) and Matt Swieconek (Findex) share their thoughts on using illiquid assets, such as property and infrastructure, as part of an allocation within a portfolio.

  • Australia’s extraordinary population-led growth!

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics Australia's population growth

    "In January 2024, Australia’s population reached 27 million. This came 18 years sooner than the government planned and predicted just 22 years ago! Lets discuss why this is critical for investors and how it shapes our investment markets and outcomes." says Ashley Owen.

  • Australian equities: Is the market too optimistic?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Growth Strategy

    The outlook for Australian equities is looking positive. David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Peter Bell (Bellmont Securities), Hamish Tadgell (SG Hiscock), & Andrew Garrett (Perpetual) provide their thoughts on the key themes and opportunities at the 2023 IMAP Independent Thought Conference

  • Blackmore Capital takes out the 2020 IMAP Award for Australian Equities.

    The judges were impressed with Blackmore Capital’s intensive approach to investing, with the Australian Equity portfolio manager taking out the 2020 IMAP Award for Australian Equities.

  • Building a managed accounts program

    Angela Ashton (Evergreen Consultants), Justin McLaughlin (ClearView), Martin Crabb (Shaw and Partners) and Paul Saliba (AMP) discuss the challenges of building managed account programs for larger advice businesses. The magic figure to operate a profitable and efficient managed accounts program within a large advice business is...

  • Building portfolios using alternatives: The researcher’s view

    Alternatives' is a catchall for a huge range of investment opportunities designed to improve returns or reduce risk in portfolios. Daniel Stojanovski (Centrepoint Alliance) talks to three research house experts - Deanne Baker (Lonsec), Steven Tang CFA (Zenith Investment Partners) and Tim Murphy CFA (Morningstar) - about their views on using alternatives in portfolios


  • China and the impact on regional equities

    In a wide ranging discussion on Asian equities at the 2022 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference, Dr Joseph Lai (Ox Capital Management), Rizi Mohanty (FSSA Investment Managers), and Dr Isaac Poole CIMA® (Oreana Financial Services) share their thoughts on Asia emerging markets, with a particular focus on China


  • Disruption: friend or foe?

    Does artificial intelligence and machine learning really work in portfolio management? IMAP Specialist Webinar features Dr James Yang (Coolabah Capital Investments), Dr David Allen (Plato Investment Management), David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Dr Jerome Lander (WealthLander) and Rob Da Silva ( SQM research) on ‘Investing in Disruption’.


  • Diversification is key to RAM’s success - Fixed Interest Catergory

    In an impressive display of portfolio management, Real Asset Management has taken out the Australian Fixed Interest category in the 2021 IMAP Managed Accounts Awards for an unprecedented four consecutive years.


  • Do alternatives still have a key role in portfolios?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference on Alternative Investments

    Is there value in private markets and how do you incorporate them into portfolios? Jonathan Ramsay (InvestSense), Steven Tang (Zenith Investment Partners), and Jason Horn (BlackRock) provide their perspectives on the role of alternatives in portfolios

  • ESG can be challenging for clients

    Despite a growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing by investors, designing client portfolios that sustainably satisfy the criteria for ethical and responsible investing can be challenging.

  • Experience counts at Infinity - the Multi Asset Category Winners of IMAP Awards 2020

    Infinity Asset Management has taken out the Multi Asset category at the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards. By his own admission, winning the IMAP Managed Account Award for the Multi Asset category is a “big deal” for Infinity Asset Management, says its Chief Investment Officer, Piers Bolger.

  • Fixed interest: Are bonds the key to portfolios again?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Fixed Interest

    Chris West (Context Capital), Michael Frearson (Real Asset Management), Chris Lioutas (Insight Investment Consultants), and Tim Hext (Pendal Group) provide their outlook for fixed interest over the next 12 months.

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