• A collaborative future - InvestTech 2020

    Speaking at the IMAP InvestTech 2020 conference, Franklin Templeton’s James Verner and Quantifeed’s Alex Ypsilanti explain how through business collaboration, they have been able to build a sustainable business model that is achieving digital alpha.

  • A New Rebalance InvestTech 2020

    With over 20 years’ experience in financial services, Shannon Bernasconi WealthO2’s Managing Director and Co-founder is excited by how technology innovation is shaping the future of advice and the development of managed accounts in Australia.

  • Advice tech choices: platform vs ecosystem

    The financial services sector is on the cusp of a major shift in advice technology. Speaking at the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, - reveals some of the emerging technology trends that will impact the industry over the coming years


  • Alternative Universe - John Kim (Macquarie) and Arnie Selvarajah (Bell Direct)

  • Artificial Intelligence - coming, ready or not

    There are many misconceptions surrounding artificial intelligence. Gihan Perera is a business futurist, speaker and author who works with business leaders to help them lead and succeed in an uncertain but exciting future. He provides some key insights on how AI can improve your business...

  • Empowering investor success

    For advisers to thrive in the delivery of managed account advice, they first need to understand the challenges involved in the advice process. Speaking at the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, Rick Di Cristoforo - Director of Research Products AU/NZ at Morningstar - discusses six of these challenges


  • Fintech Investing - Andrew Bird

  • Globalisation poised to change industry

    IMAP Chair Toby Potter and Peter Worn - Joint Managing Director at Finura Group - provide their key insights from the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, including the likely themes that are expected to play out in the industry from 2022 and beyond.


  • InvestTech 2020 - The licensee and technology

    Speaking at the IMAP InvestTech 2020 conference, the Chief Operating Officer at LaVista Licensee Solutions, Tanya Seale, explains the role of the licensee with technology for an advice business...a licensee that embraces technology, can use that technology to streamline its business, while removing many pain barriers that advisers might experience when using technology. 

  • InvestTech 2023 - A faster, smarter future

    Technology will continue to play a significant role in reshaping the advice landscape in the years ahead. Andrew Inwood (CoreData), Eric Rocks (SS&C), and Samantha Hawkins (Praemium) share their insights on some of the trends in technology that will impact advice

  • InvestTech 2023 - ChatGPT: The new age of AI

    ChatGPT is one of a new breed of AI language tools that are poised to transform businesses and their relationships with clients. Dr Michael Kollo (Qurious Analytics) explains how ChatGPT is likely to impact the financial advice sector, helping improve productivity and making advice more accessible to a greater number of Australians.

  • InvestTech 2023 - Cybersecurity: A vital piece of the advice relationship

    With the financial services sector 300 times more likely to experience a cyber attack, taking cybersecurity seriously is an absolute necessity for any financial advice business. Fraser Jack (The Cyber Collective) provides his top tips for putting together a cybersecurity plan.

  • InvestTech 2023 - Technology is key for client goals

    As technology continues to reshape the advice landscape, a new wave of fintech is helping advisers to keep their clients’ goals at the centre of the advice relationship. Jacqui Henderson (Advice Intelligence) explains how this is being done.


  • Quantum computing set to revolutionise business- Dee McGrath (IBM)

  • Safeguarding the greenness of ESG

    The regulatory landscape of ESG is changing rapidly. At the IMAP InvestTech 2021 conference, Stuart Alsop of FE fundInfo took a deep look at the regulatory landscape - both here and overseas - and explains where the industry needs to go with ESG disclosure.


  • The Future of Platforms - Jason Entwistle (HUB24)

  • The value of managed accounts

    Managed accounts are quickly emerging as one of the key delivery vehicles for advice. Brett Sanders, CEO of Philo Capital Advisers, and Zac Leman, BT Head of Managed Accounts, discussed some of the key issues facing the uptake of managed accounts by advisers

  • When AdviceTech meets InvestTech

    Speaking to an audience of around 200 at the IMAP InvestTech 2021 virtual conference, the CEO of WealthO2, Andrew Whelan, outlined the role technology can play in enabling advice practices to achieve scale and efficiency, while reducing many of the common causes of stress for advisers.


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