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Who We Are

Established in June 2020, Context Capital is a Perth-based boutique investment consultant that primarily serves the needs of financial advice and dealer groups, wealth management firms and family offices.

We provide services across investment governance, strategy, portfolio construction, manager selection and implementation of multi-asset portfolios.

We believe that there is no single investment strategy that meets the needs of all clients, and therefore all solutions must reflect the individual context of our clients.

The Context Capital team formerly worked together as the investment team at WA Super

As an asset consultant, our aim is to provide independent, high quality, contextual investment advice to our clients. Our goal is to become the market leading provider of individually tailored investment solutions.

Our focus is on democratising access to institutional investment approaches and empowering our clients to achieve the investment objectives that are most relevant to them. We will work with you to design and manage your portfolios in your context on your preferred platform provider to implement the managed accounts solutions for your clients.

As our client portfolios will generally be implemented as SMA’s, systems and processes related to non-core activities (such as investment administration, custodial and trade executions services) are outsourced to platform providers so that Context Capital can focus on its core business activities of providing high quality asset consulting advice and administering clients’ funds.

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