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DFS was previously known as Deloitte Financial Services and was the financial planning arm of the chartered accounting firm, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu from 1987 to 2001. During this time, a rigorous manager research process was developed which ultimately morphed into DFS Portfolio Solutions (DFSPS).

DFS has no institutional links. DFSPS’ manager research and asset allocation process is internally funded and receives no payments from any source other than from portfolio services provided.

IMAP Awards 2018
International Equities

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DFS Portfolio Solutions provides IFAs & Accounting firms with sustainable, cost effective and non-conflicted portfolio solutions.

A risk management specialist, DFS Portfolio Solutions thinks about risk the way clients do. 

While investors see risk as the failure to reach their financial objectives, they also see risk as the anxiety they feel when exposed to turbulent market conditions. 

Our objective is to stabilise portfolio risk and we do this by changing the asset allocation as changes in risk levels are observed.

DFS Portfolio Solutions manages portfolios on behalf of IFAs across multiple platforms and has more than 10 years of Managed Account experience.


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