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Evergreen Consultants is a leading independent investment consulting firm. We partner with high-quality financial advisory firms to provide their clients with an enhanced, tailored investment experience. We also assist our clients by equipping them with the necessary tools to develop efficiency and flexibility within their businesses.

Founded in 2016 by Angela Ashton, Evergreen has grown to become one of the largest and most experienced investment consulting teams in Australia. Our team comprises highly experienced individuals with over 180 years of combined experience, providing comprehensive support in all aspects of the investment spectrum.

We pride ourselves on the level and quality of services we provide to our clients. Our services range from pure consulting through to providing fully integrated investment solutions for our clients across single or multiple managed account platforms


Evergreen’s consulting services are supported by strong quantitative and qualitative fund analysis, asset allocation, and portfolio analysis and review.

We conduct over 400 manager meetings annually and provide our clients with access to these materials. We also have an independent asset allocation committee that meets monthly. Clients are welcome to join these meetings and receive CPD accreditation points for their participation. At the end of each meeting, we provide updated asset class views and recommended positioning based on the current investment climate.

Evergreen has developed an internal reporting system known as GreenVUE, which is available to all clients and offers in-depth portfolio analysis on each of their model portfolios.

In addition to GreenVUE, we have a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) tool, known as Portfolio Compass, which facilitates the building and testing of SAA’s utilising a variety of different inputs and assumptions in order to test the rigour of the portfolios.

We also provide our clients with practical assistance in communicating with their clients. For example, we provide monthly market and economic commentary, monthly model performance reporting, fund summaries, and other communications.

Evergreen’s advantage lies in our ability to tailor solutions to suit each individual client and business’s needs. These various tools at our disposal allow us to analyse, monitor, and manage portfolios on an ongoing basis, in order to deliver best in class investment outcomes to our clients.

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