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Evergreen Consultants is an investment consultancy, specialising  in helping financial planning business  build and manage model portfolios.

We have 4 core pillars:

  1. Being independent makes us nimble and strong.
  2. We work with a small number of clients to achieve their desired investment outcomes.
  3. Our experience allows us to build unique solutions in a cluttered market.
  4. Collaborating with very experienced individuals who share our vision

Evergreen Consultants helps financial planning firms build model portfolios. All our work is bespoke, so your portfolios will be unique. We work with you to build portfolios that will meet the needs of your clients, so that your models will deliver what your client need and you do not lose control of the investment management function in your business.  We will help you analyse, monitor and manage your portfolios on an ongoing basis.

Our resources are unparalleled. We have an independent asset allocation committee, filled with highly experienced personnel. We have an independent board. We buy in world class systems and subscriptions, to ensure we have any information edge available. These resources help us provide our clients with the highest quality solutions.


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Suite 206, Level 2, 165-167 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000