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Financial Simplicity Australia Pty Ltd   
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Financial Simplicity is the global specialist empowering mass personalised portfolio monitoring, decisioning and rebalancing.

Powering more than $30b of client portfolios, our technology resolves and removes the complex, time-consuming problems and workflows of managing personalised portfolios at scale.

Irrespective of what legal structure or investment platform you are using, our technology empowers private client advisers, MDA providers or model managers to deliver mass tailored investment propositions for their clients by delivering elegant and precise, on-demand tailored portfolio monitoring, decisioning & one-click rebalancing. 


Financial Simplicity’s decisioning technology incorporates all the nuances of your investment approach, your clients’ unique rules & constraints across multi-platform/currency/asset holdings to allow:

  • personalised portfolio monitoring to client tailored mandates in a precise way;

  • rebalancing and decisioning to determine pre-compliant, client specific adjustments to be undertaken instantly across your entire client base.

Our approach to personalised portfolio management is so powerful because we don’t simply improve the efficiency of time consuming and risky manual processes by replicating them in a more automated manner – we remove them all together.

It is this ability to achieve complex tailored outcomes at scale, at the click of a button without manual intervention that delivers true scalability to tailored portfolio management.

By working with your current eco-system of administration, platform, reporting or trading providers, our technology enables your investment proposition with enterprise scalability and extreme personalisation without the pain of transitioning assets.

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