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In 2009 after decades at the big-end of the funds industry wanted to enjoy a more fulfilling, stable and true way of investing for others. Since 2012 we have been advising IMAs. Founded just after the GFC by Monik Kotecha (our CIO), our speciality is in large-cap listed global companies with a unique difference as to how we invest. Insync delivers a unique combination of differentiated boutique management, with 14 years of quantifiable track record focused on doing one thing really well.

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For portfolio constructors our point of difference and benefit is in identifying decade-long game-changing forces call Megatrends to boost returns and lower several key risks. Where a handful of listed firms with exceptionally high financial hurdles overlap with these Megatrend ‘tailwinds’ - a sweet spot for success occurs.

And so far we have met our objective of outpacing the MSCI ACWI (ex AUS) NTR (AUD), over rolling 5 year periods for a very long time, and  for the vast majority of our 14+ years.  

Looking ahead another benefit for portfolio constructors is that these Megatrend tailwinds perform irrespective of recessions, interest rate settings or inflation. This means not having to time/guess future economic settings or markets. Why? Because longer term stock price growth comes from sustainable growth in company earnings and Megatrends help drive this.  We assemble a tight group of companies overlapping with just 16 Megatrends to create a high-conviction portfolio. We are almost always fully invested and do not use cash to smooth volatility as we believe portfolio constructors can tailor this better for end investors than fund managers.  This ‘Quality Style’ of managing money is methodical, intuitive and compliments the usual Growth, Value and GARP styles.  

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