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Who we are

InvestSense is an investment management consultancy firm founded in 2014.

Our team has extensive experience in financial markets across institutional and retail investment consulting, portfolio management and investment research.

InvestSense aims to bring institutional grade experience and systems to help financial advice groups through the provision of both turn-key and bespoke investment solutions.

InvestSense prides itself on a high touch and individualised service to its clients that allows advisers to fortify and develop their status as a trusted expert.

InvestSense aims to de-mystify investments for every day Australians through the power of easy-to-understand knowledge.

Our three pillars of service delivery are:

24/7 Risk Monitoring and Outcome Management

We provide honest forward-looking scenarios of projected outcomes and expected returns. Advisers gain valuable analysis with which to engage their clients, bolster their own expertise and improve their value proposition.

Ongoing Client Engagement Program

We make transitioning to InvestSense easy and exciting for you and provide ongoing engagement tools. Our educational content demystifies investment, helping Advisers to easily engage and encouraging clients to take an interest in their investments.

Flexible, Tailored Portfolio Construction

Our portfolios are ready-to-go with adjustments made to align to client philosophies and objectives. Our unique “3-tools” methodology takes a more diversified approach to investment, which reduces risks and improves expected returns.

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