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Russell Investments is a global investment solutions partner, dedicated to helping investors reach their long-term goals. Building on an 85-year legacy of continuous innovation to deliver exceptional value to clients, Russell Investments offers investment solutions in 32 countries, managing over A$441 billion in assets (as of 30 June 2021).

Russell Investments specialises in multi-asset solutions, scouring the globe for investment strategies, managers and asset classes to deliver to its clients around the world. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Russell Investments has offices in 18 cities, including in New York, London, Tokyo and Shanghai. For more information about how Russell Investments helps to improve financial security of its clients, visit

 IMAP 2021 Awards Finalist Multi Asset

Russell Investments is a global asset manager with a unique set of capabilities that we believe is essential to managing your total portfolio and to meeting your desired outcome.

At Russell Investments, we stand with you, whether you’re a financial adviser, an institutional investor or an individual guided by an adviser’s personalised advice.

We believe the best way to reach your desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach that combines: asset allocation, capital markets insights, factor exposures, manager research and portfolio implementation.

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