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Spire Capital selectively searches global private markets in line with key investment themes, including digitalisation, energy transition, affordable housing and food security & sustainability.

Spire conducts due diligence, creates customised access vehicles and invests in the “sweet spot” of the chosen theme.

In addition, Spire remains nimble in identifying market dislocations and arbitrage opportunities as they emerge.

Spire Capital assists Australian investors in complementing traditional asset class exposures, like listed equities/property and bonds, with allocations to global private markets across private real estate, private equity, venture capital, private infrastructure, private debt, agriculture and impact investments.

Spire is focused on highly differentiated private market strategies to optimise risk-adjusted returns for clients through the cycle.

Spire has developed a broad private markets platform to enable Australian investors tax/cost-efficient and simplified access to investments otherwise only accessible to large institutional investors.

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