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Who We Are

Zenith Investment Partners is one of Australia’s leading investment research consultants with a 16-year track record of researching, rating and building portfolios of managed funds for advice practices nationally.

Zenith works with clients to build their investment capability and governance, enabling a more powerful advice proposition to their investing clients. 

Zenith’s managed funds research team is one of the largest nationally and has consistently been ranked as Australia’s leading research house over the past four years1.

Established in 2002, Zenith is wholly owned by its directors who actively work with clients who in turn, benefit from their experience.

Ref Note 1. Money Management Ratings House of the Year 2014, 2015 and 2016; Peter Lee Associates Survey 2017

Zenith specialises in the provision of managed account portfolios, investment research and consulting solutions to Australian financial advisers.

Zenith’s managed accounts include platform-ready Elite Blends as well as customised portfolios for a growing number of advice practices seeking to differentiate themselves and build a competitive edge.

Zenith’s capabilities in managed accounts are supported by its strong advice partnering culture, long term performance record of its Elite Blends model portfolios, comprehensive reporting and speed to market for advice practices.

Zenith’s research package includes qualitative research, ratings and alerts on over 2,440 managed funds, as well as financial markets and listed equity research.

Zenith Consulting provides tailored solutions to advice practices seeking to differentiate their offering and improve their investment capability.

Clients engage with Zenith to build bespoke approved lists and portfolios, participate in investment committees, customise portfolios and generate tailored reporting.


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