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  • Geopolitics: A new global policy consensus- Independent Thought Roundtable

    IMAP Independent Thought Investment Roundtable Geopolitics

    To better navigate the complexities of geopolitics, investors need to anchor themselves in the big trends taking place globally. Matt Gertken (BCA Research) explains how to apply geopolitical thinking to the macro environment

  • Getting the benefits of real assets for retail investors - IMAP Independent Thought

    How necessary are real assets and private equity as a component of portfolios for retail investors, and how can they access these assets? This was one of the questions considered by Dale Holmes (Spire Capital), Robert Talevski (Activus Investment Advisors), and Tom Schubert (Drummond Capital Partners)


  • Getting to the Core of portfolio management

    It’s no easy feat to win the prestigious Licensee Managed Account category in the IMAP Managed Accounts Awards, but Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia has stepped up for a third consecutive year - a first by any licensee in this category - to take out this year’s award. Alex Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee CFA explain Morgan Stanley’s approach to managed accounts.


  • Global Infrastructure: Building for the future

    Mega themes – such as decarbonisation, digitalisation and transport mobility – all require heavy investment into new and existing infrastructure. Justin Lannen (Maple-Brown Abbott) discusses which investments are poised to benefit from these trends


  • Going active with fixed income - Independent Thought Roundtable

    IMAP Independent Thought Investment Roundtable Fixed Income

    In a macro environment of rising risk and uncertainty, Amy Xie Patrick - Pendal Groupbelieves that by being defensive, patient, but active, advisers can provide investors with the type of protection and growth they are seeking in their portfolios.

  • Has inflation peaked? - IMAP Independent Thought

    Inflation underpins every asset class. But have we seen the peak of inflation? Jay Sivapalan (Janus Henderson), Hugh Dive (Atlas Funds Management), Kieran Rooney (Evergreen Consultants), and Chamath De Silva (BetaShares) discuss the implications of inflation on portfolio construction and asset allocation.t.


  • Have we seen the end of globalisation? - IMAP Independent Thought

    A war in Ukraine, rising tensions over China, and political events worldwide have caused a sharp jump in risk levels for financial markets. Jonathon Costello (Western Asset), Chris Carrodus (Evidentia), David Berthon-Jones (Aequitas), Matthew Swieconek (Findex), and Brett Sanders (Philo Capital Advisers) discuss these rising risks when constructing portfolios.


  • How to deal with increasingly volatile markets - IMAP Independent Thought

    When talking about risk, it’s generally referred to in relation to volatility and the potential for capital loss. Raf Choudhury (abrdn), William Higgins (DFS Portfolio Solutions), Glen Foster (Atrium), and Victor Huang (Milliman) discuss their approach to risk and how they deal with portfolio construction in an increasingly volatile environment.


  • How to obtain a copy of the FSC / IMAP Template for DDO

    IMAP and the Financial Services Council (FSC) have developed a template specifically for Managed Accounts that complies with the FSC developed industry data standards to facilitate compliance with the new Design & Distribution obligations (DDO) laws that take effect on 5th October 2021.

  • Illiquid assets: Selection and strategies

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Illiquid assets

    What are the benefits of illiquid assets and how do you access them? discussed by Daniel Choo (Russell Investments), Matthew Swieconek (Findex), and Ryan Synnot (Arrow Private Wealth) at the 2023 IMAP Independent Thought Conference

  • Improving client relationships with philanthropy - From IMAP Independent Thought

    Caitriona Fay - Managing Partner, Community & Social Investment explains Perpetual Private’s approach to improving client relations with philanthropy and explains the 3 primary philanthropic structures that can be used in Australia


  • Infrastructure: A pathway of growth and returns

    IMAP webinar infrastructure path forward

    Infrastructure — both listed and unlisted — is well positioned to tap into emerging investment themes and opportunities, says Justin Lannen (Maple-Brown Abbott) and Mark Murray (Mercer).

  • Infrastructure: The risk/reward pay off

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Infrastructure

    Nick Schoenmaker (Drummond Capital Partners), Rob da Silva (da Silva Consulting), Rafio Khan (Innova Asset Management), and Nick Langley (ClearBridge Investments) discuss the opportunities available to investors with infrastructure

  • Interesting times for fixed income

    IMAP Specialist Webinar Series "So hiw is investment going in 2023?"

    With inflation remaining sticky and the threat of recession looming across many countries, Jonathon Costello, CFA (Western Asset Management) and Alex Cousley, CFA (Russell Investments) take stock of how fixed income is shaping up

  • International equities: Do they remain a key driver of returns?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference International Equities

    Can global equities continue to outperform, & which countries and sectors provide attractive opportunities for investors? Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management), Rob Makdissi (Akambo), Ashley Owen (Owen Analytics), and Dominic McCormick (Investment Consultant) take a deep dive into this asset class.

  • Investing in an inflationary environment

    Alex Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee (Morgan Stanley) explain why taking a multi-asset allocation approach is better suited to generate favourable risk-adjusted returns in the current volatile and inflationary environment.


  • Investment management for High Net Worth clients

    IMAP Specialist Webinar Series Investment management for High Net Worth clients

    High-net-worth (HNW) clients tend to be sophisticated investors with more complex investment needs. Alex Ventelon (Morgan Stanley) and Kyle Lidbury (Perpetual Private) discuss their approach to portfolio management for these types of clients.

  • InvestTech 2023 - A faster, smarter future

    Technology will continue to play a significant role in reshaping the advice landscape in the years ahead. Andrew Inwood (CoreData), Eric Rocks (SS&C), and Samantha Hawkins (Praemium) share their insights on some of the trends in technology that will impact advice

  • InvestTech 2023 - ChatGPT: The new age of AI

    ChatGPT is one of a new breed of AI language tools that are poised to transform businesses and their relationships with clients. Dr Michael Kollo (Qurious Analytics) explains how ChatGPT is likely to impact the financial advice sector, helping improve productivity and making advice more accessible to a greater number of Australians.

  • InvestTech 2023 - Cybersecurity: A vital piece of the advice relationship

    With the financial services sector 300 times more likely to experience a cyber attack, taking cybersecurity seriously is an absolute necessity for any financial advice business. Fraser Jack (The Cyber Collective) provides his top tips for putting together a cybersecurity plan.

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