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  • Talent and the perfect storm

    As adviser numbers shrink, attracting, training, paying and retaining financial advisers is one of the most important issues facing businesses. Alisdair Barr (Striver), Matthew Swieconek (Findex) and Jonathan Scholes (Findex) discuss how advice practices are overcoming this challenge.


  • Talking ESG to clients

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Talking with Clients about ESG investment

    With interest and growth in ESG investing showing no signs of abating, Jessica Harris - Financial Adviser (MGD Wealth) explains her approach when talking to clients about this style of investing.

  • The climate change challenge

    The net zero carbon transition is providing investors with a range of opportunities in the ethical and climate-responsible investing space. Leah Willis and Dr Stuart Palmer discuss the growing appetite by investors for this type of investing.


  • The Future of Platforms - Jason Entwistle (HUB24)

  • The rise of ESG as an investment theme - IMAP Independent Thought

    The appetite by Australian investors for portfolios that meet their personal values, continues to rise steadily. And sitting at the heart of this is ESG. Leah Willis (Australian Ethical), James Harwood (Russell Investments), Michael Salvatico (S&P Global Sustainable1), and Deanne Baker (Lonsec) share their thoughts on how advisers can meet this demand, while still satisfying the financial goals of their clients.


  • The State of Managed Accounts – Now a $111bn market - 7 factors that are driving growth

    Managed accounts are an important growing part of the advice profession and IMAP’s 2021 Census of the managed account market shows a total FUM as at 30 June 2021 of $111bn, exceeding $100bn for the first time.  Toby Potter IMAP CHair explaiins 7 factors that are driving growth


  • Thematic investing: A different approach

    There are a number of advantages to thematic investing, but also risks. Cameron Gleeson (BetaShares) explains how advisers can think about incorporating investment themes into a diversified portfolio.


  • Think local, go global - From IMAP Independent Thought

    As global economies go through unparalleled development surges, infrastructure is playing an increasingly important part in the overall diversification of portfolios. John Julian (AMP Capital), Chris McAlpine (Context Capital Consulting), Tim Murphy (Morningstar), and Trent Koch (First Sentier Investors) discuss the challenges and opportunities of real assets.


  • Transitioning to Managed Accounts

    Deciding to transition to a managed accounts program is the easy bit. However, for advice businesses that are not fully prepared, there can be challenges in implementing this investment solution. John Burton (Lonsec) explores the six critical factors that underscore a successful rollout of managed accounts.


  • Vertical integration and the role of advice

    Vertical integration remains a hot topic of discussion within the industry and one which was keenly discussed by Piers Bolger (Infinity Asset Management/Viridian Financial Group), Matthew Swieconek (Findex) and Paul Forbes (Australian Advice Network) at a recent IMAP webinar on ‘The strategic role of wealth management in a diversified financial services business’


  • Working with not-for-profit clients

    Working with not-for-profit organisations can sound attractive, but it comes with very distinct challenges. Alex Pikoulas CFA (Lipman Burgon & Partners), Greg Barter (Findex) and moderator, Greg Miller (Wealth Market), share their views on not-for-profit clients.

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