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DNR Capital is an employee owned, Australian investment manager that has a strong history in innovating and delivering client-focused investment solutions. We were one of the first Australian investment managers to adopt a quality investment philosophy, to offer concentrated investment portfolios and to offer a socially responsible investment strategy. We were an early leader in developing Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). This history and innovation, and our quality investment philosophy sets us apart in the Australian investment management industry. 

Since 2001, we have had a steadfast focus on investing in quality companies. Quality companies are well placed to deliver investment returns through economic cycles. Concentrated portfolios of quality companies maximise the opportunity for outperformance. Our disciplined approach to executing our quality, long-term, high conviction, concentrated investment philosophy has delivered strong outperformance for our clients.   

We are strongly aligned and accountable. Employee-owned, and invest alongside our clients. This facilitates strong alignment with our clients, and their interests. As an

established manager of IMA and SMA products, our investment decisions are accountable and transparent.

We have grown our product offering to include four core investment strategies. Each of our strategies build upon our core investment philosophy of long-term, high conviction, concentrated portfolios of quality companies. These strategies are available to institutional and retail clients through multiple product offerings including IMAs, SMAs, managed funds and mandate structures. Our investment capabilities are rated by both institutional asset consultants and retail researchers for our specialist expertise in managing Australian equities. 

Our rigorous investment process has been proven through multiple market cycles and has delivered strong investment performance for our clients. However, our commitment to our clients goes beyond our investment performance. We deliver quality client service through openness and transparency, regularly sharing insights

behind our investment decisions, market views and portfolio strategy. 

DNR Capital was an early leader in socially responsible investing (SRI) launching one of Australia’s first dedicated SRI strategies in 2006. DNR Capital has been a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2009 and has an ”A” rating for strategy and governance.  

IMAP Managed Accounts Awards 2023 Winner
for the Australia Equities Category

IMAP Awards 2023 Winner Australian Equities

IMAP Managed Accounts Awards 2022 Winner
for the Australia Equities Category and Finalist
for the ESG Category






We are an investment specialist with a range of Australian equity strategies. Our four main investment strategies include:

-       Australian Equities High Conviction Portfolio

-       Australian Equities Income Portfolio

-       Australian Equities Socially Responsible Portfolio

-       Australian Emerging Companies Portfolio

 These strategies are delivered via a range of different structure which may include institutional mandates, IMA, SMA and/or managed funds.

IMAP Managed Accounts Awards 2022 Winner


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