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Who we are

The road to wealth is a journey. As your trusted partners, we provide personal guidance to achieve your goals.

We are Melbourne based specialists in investment management, wealth advice and specialist advice and consulting. It’s been 50 years of navigating journeys with business owners, individuals and families. We believe this tenure is a quiet reflection of our clients’ achievements. Together, we are in this journey to protect and grow wealth.


Journey Mapping one’s wealth aspirations is a very personal undertaking. It’s a mixture of insights and experience, where planned navigation over time means everything. Whether it be for your family or business, we will help you identify, understand and prioritise the challenges ahead – formulating strategies to manage them.

One’s wealth strategy is not a simple recipe. Cameron Harrison unreservedly are about devising route-maps. Obsessed with the detail, we create individual plans for you. We invite all of our clients to work with us in our integrated Journey Mapping process.

Wealth Planning and Advice

Our clients have a breadth and depth of expertise, they are very capable of understanding what’s important to their wealth journey. Our role is to help guide them in this process, analysing complex factors and crafting a bespoke strategy that can be actioned, managed and delivered. This is in line with a plan to reach their personal goals in both life and wealth.

Private wealth management and specialist consulting is about providing integrated strategic and technical solutions across investment management, tax strategy, asset protection, wealth planning, estate planning, philanthropy and multigenerational wealth transmission. It’s an integrated approach unique to our Journey Mapping process.

Investment Management

Cameron Harrison has depth of experience and expertise in asset allocation and investments which provides the necessary support for you to make your investment planning stress free, targeting sound and sustainable long-term returns.

Our Investment Management specialists provide integrated strategic and technical advice across asset allocation strategies, single asset classes, investment selection, risk management, portfolio construction, administration, custody and operations.

Specialist Advice and Consulting

Banks and insurers love to sell peace of mind. We believe that true peace of mind comes from knowing your own mind.

Our peace of mind planning process is about devising a bespoke strategy for you and your needs. While we facilitate the planning and implement the process, the plan is yours, for your journey.

Specialist Advice and Consulting provides integrated strategic and technical advice across business, succession and project planning, risk management, governance and philanthropic endeavours.

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