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2019 Events

11th June 2019 - IMAP Webinar - How to Achieve Wealth Goals through Portfolio Construction
Given the state of the market; 
• how do you construct and position portfolios that align to a goals based approach?
• how do you manage sequencing risk
• how does this translate into a Managed Account portolio?

Adrian Rowley, Portfolio Manager at Watershed Funds Management, will discussed the global market returns outlook and how that will determine portfolio construction for multi asset class portfolios.

Michael Lagudi, National Manager Investment Solutions at Morningstar, then looked at how to maximise the probability of a client actually achieving their wealth goal through portfolio construction.

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5th June 2019 - Responsible Manager Masterclass - Sydney
23rd May 2019 - IMAP Webinar - Best Interest Duty and Where to from here?
20th May 2019 - Responsible Manager Masterclass - Melbourne
17th April 2019 - Investment Forum - Considerations when selecting an SMA Manager
10th April 2019 - Webinar - Managed Account insights and the benefits of investing with an open mind
12th-14th-19th March 2019 - Adviser Roadshow (Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne)
13 February 2019 - Webinar - The case for currency management in Managed Account portfolios
30 January 2019 - Webinar - What role does active management play in Managed Accounts?
29 January 2019 Investment Forum - What do markets hold in 2019 - how to manage portfolios

2018 Events

6 December 2018 Webinar - Advice in a post Royal Commission world

The Royal Commission has raised a number of issues which may affect the basic requirements for advice businesses.

We heard from Simon Carrodus – The Fold Legal – about the questions the Royal Commission is asking of all advice businesses and then Tom Bignill - Mason Stevens - discussed how he sees adviser groups responding already.

CPD Accredited courtesy of Mason Stevens.

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21 – 23 November 2018 Managed Accounts at the FPA Congress in Sydney
13 and 15 November 2018 Licensees Breakfast - How to Build a Winning Managed Accounts Program
8 November InvestTech 2018
24 October Investment Forum - Ahead of the curve - income in active retirement
17 and 18 October Investment Breakfast - Portfolio Construction in Troubled times
24 September 2018 - Responsible Manager Masterclass
19 September 2018 Webinar - Portfolios in volatile markets
3 September 2018 Webinar - Award Submissions Review
1 August 2018 IMAP inaugural Managed Account Awards
29 May 2018 Webinar - Strategies for Managing Investment Risk - BetaShares and Milliman
31 August 2018 Investment Forum - Revenge of the Incumbents and Goals Based Advice
16 May 2018 CIO Investor Briefing - Breakfast
2 August 2018 IMAP Portfolio Management Conference
9 May 2018 Webinar: Past, Present & Future - the evolution of Managed Accounts
13 April 2018 Investment Forum
19th, 22nd, 27th March 2018 Adviser Roadshow - Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney
8 March 2018 LMDA Strategy Workshop Sydney
14 – 16 February 2018 SMSF National Conference - Managed Account Central

2017 Events

5 December 2017 InvestTech

Tuesday 5 December 2017  InvestTech Investment Technology Conference (Sydney

InvestTech 2017 is the event where the advice and investment professions meet the technology providers.

Advice and investment are in transition and technology is driving that change, because they have to determine what technology they use to:

  1. Produce and deliver advice
  2. Manage client portfolios
  3. Implement and administer portfolios
  4. Charge fees
  5. Report to clients

Managed accounts are at the forefront of technology change. Businesses can choose among over 50 technology suppliers with live options for the advice and investment profession running managed account portfolios.

Whether it’s the integrated options from platform providers or the specialist functionality which technology providers offer meet specific needs – technology is helping advisers and managers reshape their services.

InvestTech 2017 is the event where the advice and investment professions meet the technology providers. 

Click here to link to speaker profiles,  the programme (presentations are to be found next to the speakers name) 

Managed accounts are at the forefront of technology change with over 50 technology suppliers servicing the advice and investment profession running managed account portfolios to reshape their services with integrated options from platform providers and specialist functionality.

Who was presenting at InvestTech?

- Major local platforms with technology and administration
- Global technology specialists
- Global managers showcasing US and European capability
- The Australian fintechs including those who have just started their journey of disruption.

Who attended InvestTech?
- Advice business principals – thinking about what their business will look in 5 years
- Chief Technology officers from advice and investment businesses
- Investment teams wanting to understand how technology will change what they do

22 - 24 November 2017 Managed Accounts Central Expo - FPA Congress Hobart, TA
30 October 2017 Investment Forum
13 September 2017 Webinar - what to look for in an SMA - an investment manager's perspective
22 August 2017 MDA Forum -Sydney/ 24 August 2017 Melbourne
14 August 2017 Dealer Investment Forum
28 July 2017 Responsible Manager Masterclass
24 July 2017 Portfolio Management Conference
10 July 2017 Webinar - identifying skill, conviction and risks
8 June 2017 MDA Forum - Maximising your business valuation
11 April 2017 MDA Providers Forum
8 March 2017 IOOF Webinar - Using Managed Accounts for investments
7 February 2017 How to Deliver on Your Portfolio Promises

2016 Events

IOOF Webinar Using bonds through a Separately Managed Account

15th November 2016 IOOF Webinar Using bonds through a Separately Managed Account to meet your clients’ income needs Webinar sponsored by IOOF

Presented by Alwyn Hung, Portfolio Manager - Fixed Income, Mason Stevens 

In this low growth environment where managed fund distributions are not guaranteed and difficult to measure and the potential for rate rises to create capital losses is high, an alternative investment strategy may be required in order to meet client financial objectives, where capital stability and certainty of cash flows is paramount.

This webinar provided information about direct ownership of a bond portfolio and how it can be an available and cost effective way to gain exposure to fixed income. It covered:

  1. alternative and cost effective fixed income solutions.
  2. knowledge about differentiating the structural risks and benefits between managed funds and direct investing.
  3. understanding about how bonds work within a Separately Managed Account.
  4. the right (and simple) fixed income solution to meet your clients’ goals based on their life stage.

All attendees received a copy the Mason Stevens Whitepaper: Distinguishing Risks between Managed Funds and Direct Ownership – a look at fixed income.

IMAP ASIC MDA Legislative Instrument Briefing
IMAP Roadshow
OneVue Adviser Webinar

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